Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Unit 8: Save Our Environment

Boys and girls, instead of learning and gaining knowledge here, you as the younger generation should be aware of the environmental issues too. Read the slideshow below. Start to take action by today. Save our environment! After that, try to complete the related activity at Let Us Try page.

Topic 7: Animals (Part 3): Prehistoric Animals-Dinosaurs

Now boys and girls, it's time for you to gain your additional knowledge here. Welcome to the world of dinosaurs! Read the power point slideshow below. Then, take the challenge by creating your own power point presentation about your favourite dinosaurs. You can get the information from the internet and design your slideshow using your own creativity. Remember to use proper English. Have fun and enjoy!

Teacher's Presentation
Prehistoric Animals Dinosaurs

Monday, 12 December 2011

Topic 6: Animals(Part 2): My Favourite Animals

Now boys and girls, it's time to apply your computer technology skills to create your favourite animals or your pets. You are advised to use Power Point Presentation. Please read the instructions below carefully. Ready to take the challenge?

Task Sheet:
Task Shee

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Topic 5:Health Have

Dear boys and girls, do you have a healthy body? Or do you always suffer from different kinds of disease? So, do you think that it's time to keep a healthy lifestyle? Look at the pictures below and start to think about what you should do now.
Health Have