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Date of Post: 11.12.2011
Topic 3: Goldilocks and the Three Bears ( World of Stories)

          This is a story about the little girl whose name was Goldilocks. But before that, let us recite a jazz chant " Peas Porridge Hot" which is related to the story below. You can chant it by doing appropriate actions. Look at the video and listen to the story carefully. After that, there will additional activity awaiting you to join at Let Us Try page. Have fun!
Peas Porridge Hot
*Edited by Shirley Lim Hui Ming

* Video take from Youtube

Date of Post: 25.11.2011
Topic 2: Turtle of Koka ( World of Stories)

        Let us look at the interesting happening about a turtle, Koka, from Africa.Read the jazz chant below and do appropriate action as shown in the video clip below. Have fun and enjoy!

Turle of Koka (Jazz Chant) *Jazz chant extracted from the story of 'Turtle ogf Koka' by M.R. MacDonald and edited  by Shirley Lim Hui Ming
    Interesting  Video Clips of Students' Presentation of 
    'Turtle of Koka' 
                     During their presentation, the pupils pronounced some of the words wrongly.  But  the aim of  the lesson was to get them involved and enjoyed  the lesson.  After  several times of  practicing, most of  the students are able to chant it with correct  pronunciations and intonations by doing appropriate body gestures.  So  I  do have the confident  on you that you will be able to  do it  too!  Let  us try now!
    • Video clips taken by Shirley Lim Hui Ming
      Date of Post: 30.10.2011
    Topic 1: Jack and the Beanstalk ( World of Stories)

    Hello boys and girls! Today we are going to read about call a story of " Jack and the Beanstalk". Now let us take a look at this video:

    * Video take from Youtube

    Now, you can retell the story by using your own words!



     One day, Jack takes his old cow, Daisy, to the market.

     On the way he meets a stranger. The stranger gives Jack 5 magic beans for    his cow.  Jack goes home. 
    Mum isn’t happy. She throws the beans on the ground.

    In the night the beans grow into a tall beanstalk.    Jack climbs up and up the beanstalk.    Finally, he sees a castle and goes inside.

    A huge giant smells Jack. “FEE FI FO FUM! Here I come, bad boy, YUM YUM!”   Jack jumps inside a cupboard. The giant can’t see him.   The harp plays some music and the giant fell asleep.

    Jack jumps out of the cupboard and takes the gold coins.   Jack takes the hen.   Jack takes the harp and runs out of the castle. The harp shouts “Help!” and the giant chases Jack.

    Jack climbs down the beanstalk.    Jack shouts “Help!” His Mum runs to the beanstalk and chops it down.   The giant falls down, “ARGHHH!!!!”
     Jack and his Mum never see him again and live happily 

     Story edited by Shirley Lim Hui Ming

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